Everyday life racism and power relations between people 

The purpose of the workshop is to give students an understanding of the power structures present when people experience exclusion from a community. Through role-play and sketches about everyday life racism, we will reflect upon how prejudices, that we are sometimes unaware of, form our thoughts and behaviour. We will further discuss what we can do to change these power relations and thereby actively include others in society. The role-play is adapted to the target audience but we often use situations from everyday life in school, relations between friends and young people's experiences in their spare time. 


Privileges and structural racism 

The purpose of the workshop is to understand and uncover the term racism. We will turn the pointing finger away from "them" and back against "us" and ask: What is the responsibility of the white majority and what is white privilege? We will discuss and reflect upon the responsibility of the majority in a society where the division between "us" and "them" are still growing wider. Not until we understand our own role can we act to avoid our own prejudices being part of racist structures - and resist when we meet racism in everyday life. Whether you are brown, white or something else: Welcome! 

Together Against Racism

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Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke



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